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A new approach to comprehensive tax planning and advice for managing wealth around the world.

Clear & responsible advice to protect your wealth

As a boutique firm, we are selective with our clients. This exclusivity ensures that our clients receive the attention and tailored advice needed to achieve their commercial and personal ambitions.

We have extensive experience supporting ultra high-net worth individuals within the sports industry. We understand the nuances of how athletes earn their income and have the knowledge you need to protect your wealth.

We manage a network of international trusted advisers to deliver a full range of business advisory services to individuals with a portfolio of companies and investments.

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Our approach

Our clients want the best advice to maintain and protect the wealth they have created through a lifetime of hard work. As a small firm, we offer excellence in everything that we do. Our clients come to us because they want the personal approach of working directly with our CEO and Head of Tax rather than getting lost in big firms.

01Tailored advice

We are experts in sports tax. We understand how elite athletes work and the complexity of their global income. With this knowledge and our international network, we are able to provide the best advice to our clients.

We work with a small number of clients annually which allows us to fully understand our clients’ global affairs along with their goals and ambitions for the future. Whether you are looking at where to set up a company, how to manage your wealth with your family or what countries are most efficient to play in; we are best placed to advise.

02Global reach

Our current client base are global citizens from across the sports industry. We have supported clients with international loans or moves, tax planning for international tournaments, tax implications of moving money internationally and tax investigations across borders.

We become your one point of contact for your global tax affairs. Our team have a unique ability to pull source advice from international tax advisers in a way that is easy to understand for our clients.

03Personal attention

We are a small firm that focuses on providing personal attention that our clients deserve. The benefit of our selective approach is that each client’s tax affairs are managed directly by our Head of Tax and CEO.

Our team provide the individual approach that many of our clients felt was missing when working with larger firms. As a client, we work with you and your advisers to identify the tax implications of your current affairs, any financial opportunities you may have and your goals and ambitions for the future.

04Protecting your wealth

Given the nature of how global athletes earn their incomes, tax planning and advice is essential to protecting your wealth. As a client, we will support you with making the right decisions at the right times to ensure your affairs are proactively looked after. We will support with tax planning internationally and work with global advisers to review your ongoing tax position around the world.

We provide holistic tax overviews of your investment or property portfolios to provide responsible tax advice that will keep you and your family’s wealth safe for future generations.