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At the heart of our business, giving back to the beautiful game we support.

Bringing together our financial expertise and passion for football

The Juno Foundation brings together our passion for football and our specialist knowledge to empower young people to follow their dreams. In the UK, there is a tax education gap and a noted lack of financial education as part of the national curriculum. We support initiatives that address financial inequality, give young people the confidence to succeed and encourage an open, inclusive environment for all to play football.

girls united

Tackling gender inequality: proud sponsor of Girls United Football Association

Juno are a proud sponsor of Girls United FA in South East London who focus on providing girls and young women with transferable skills that enable players to chase their dreams, on and off the pitch.

We selected Girls United for their focus on tackling gender inequality in football while providing an inclusive environment for young girls and women to play. Girls United reach over 400 girls across training, matches and events in the boroughs of Lewisham, Southwark and Lambeth.

To learn more about the incredible work that Girls United FA are doing globally, you can check out Girls United FA on their website, Twitter or Instagram.

Academy Life Skills Session

We’ve developed an engaging Academy Life Skills session that focuses on what taxes are and how they contribute to our society. In 2019, findings from Deloitte’s Tax Education Gap report illustrated that there are generally low levels of tax knowledge in the UK, especially amongst young people. This combined with the impact financial difficulties and tax debts can have on an individual’s mental health highlights just how important tax education is for young people.

Our session focuses on the practical knowledge young people will need about tax in order to avoid complications with HMRC and flourish financially in the future. These sessions are personally led by our CEO, Sofia Thomas, who has facilitated tax education workshops for schools in South East London as well as being an expert contributor on tax for the BBC.

If you or your club are interested in learning more about our Academy Life Skills sessions, please email us at sports@junotax.co.uk.

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Our commitment to the community we serve

At Juno, we stand for an equal and inclusive society. Our clients are diverse in race, gender, age and sexuality and we pride ourselves in providing an inclusive service to all. As part of our commitment to supporting an equal game for all, Juno has championed campaigns such as #GetOnSide, Kick It Out and Rainbow Laces.